As a certified business coach my mission in life is to help small and medium size business owners to be the best in their game and achieve the vision they had when they got into their business - - a profitable business that is an investment that provides financial and personal freedom, rather than a source of self-employment..


3 Keys to Building a Referral Based Business

Most business owners when asked as to how they generate leads for their business, the answer is often “word of mouth”.  What they really mean is that they don’t have a systematic plan for generating leads. They are passive in their approach to marketing. They are mostly order takers and wait for their phones to…
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Make Your Business Work for You

Most business owners get into business for two reasons – to gain financial and personal freedom. Yet small business owners for the most part turn out to be a 24X7 employee of their own business. The reason is that most businesses don’t work but the owners do. That is indeed quite an irony.  Here are…
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Seven Daily Habits of Successful Small Business Owners

The owner of a small business has to wear many hats when the business gets started. But as the business grows, many things need to be delegated to others in order for things to run smoothly.  However, there are a few things that the owner must have their hands on.  Here are 7 things for…
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Important “To Dos” For Entrepreneurs To Start The New Year

As 2012 rolls in, business owners, small and big, need to do a few things to prepare for a successful ride in the new year. Review The Past: Review of the past year is an important exercise in the new year. It includes identifying what were some of the accomplishments during the year and what…
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Pricing For Profitability in a Tough Economy

Few decisions are more crucial to a small business owner than to decide how much to charge for their products or services.  It is even more critical in difficult economic times when demand slows and suppliers engage in a price war, undercutting each other as their priority shifts from making profit to paying the bills…
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